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What you need to know before buying a hover board and how to make the best decision.

Before you buy a hover board you need to know why caution need to be taken while making the choice of hover board you buy. This does not go without mentioning that in about one year since hover boards hit the market the product have shown little benevolence. But the reality is that a hover board is one of the best gadgets that technology has given to us you just need to make the right judgment and stick to simple rules.

The most important rules that need never to be broken are; do not buy a hover board to young kids or elderly. Only children above the age of 12 years and elderly people able to easily coordinate are recommended to ride on a hover board. Customers must read the user’s manual before riding on it. You should be updated on the local laws, as hover boards are banned most of the urban locales to avoid landing into troubles ride only in private vicinities. At least buy a hover board you know about and should have a genuinely good reputation, concerning this you should read customers review to learn about its pros and cons. Good hover boards have a return policy, customer support and valid warranty. Insist on such hover boards.

The main reason why you should be cautious when buying a hover board is the risk of literally burning yourself. Many hover boards in the past haven been reported to start fire. The whole scenario always revolve around the use of highly flammable lithium batteries. This batteries are so delicate that if not well handled it will set your hover board in flames. The key instruction before buying any hover board is to ensure that it has passed all tests set by UL. The hover must own a capability to resist water entry and absorb mechanical forces. Such forces are responsible for breaking the batteries which explode into fire when the positive and negative charges merge.

You should not buy a hover board that has not been tested and approved before and after assembly. There are many players during hover board making, for instance battery which usually is Lithium-ion is tested and certified by its manufacturer. But on assembling all the parts, the whole system may not meet the standard quality despite individual parts being certified. This is because the hover boards as a whole is heavier and therefore a drop test results conducted on a battery as single will not be the same when assembled. The risk of such a hover board accidents and damages cannot be sufficiently estimated.

Avoid non-UL (UL is an independent organization that provide safety certification to company producing the products) approved hover boards. After so many cases of fire out breaks and injuries had been reported, UL announced all brands unfit for use. Most stores selling this product such Amazon removed the product from their catalogue. Barely two companies have been cleared by the UL to sell their brands. They main reason why the two have seen the break through is the consistency of their brands’ quality. They have been engineered to ensure ease of operation and have not caused any fire accident.

The most important feature that a good hover board need to be sufficiently engineered should be easy to control not too heavy neither should it be too light average weight of 10 kilograms. Should have a very coordinative speed limiting and breaking system. It would be better if you stick more to USA brands since foreign brands have been associated with counterfeiting. Buyers are advised to buy hover boards from renowned manufacturers in cases of buying foreign hover boards. Do not buy from a third party dealer unless it has a magnificent reputation. A hover board should not take too long to charge and its battery should run you for a minimum time of 2 hours. Quality brands sell their hover boards with their chargers and adapters, you are advised not to use a charger for another hover board to charge your hover board. A quality hover board is not too speedy and should be able to bring its speed back to controllable speed on reaching their maximum speed. A good hover board should have a speed of not more than 15 kilometers per hour.

Prize can also be used as a determinant of the quality of the hover board. Hover boards selling at less than 300 USD is suggestive of poor quality. Similarly it may not be necessary to buy a hover board worth more than 600 USD. Such expensive hover boards are meant for sports which may be a bit technical to use unless well experienced.