Hoverboard Fires – Which Hoverboards Cause Fires – How to Find Safe Hoverboards?

Hover boards have in the past being the best gifts to purchase to your loved ones. Fear or purchasing such has escalated since they became the one reason why there were occasional fire accidents in airlines, collage and campuses and major city walks. There are way too many reasons as to why this occurrences were emerged. And they are the same reasons as to why certified hover boards have made it to proving incapable of causing such accidents.

Hover boards use a lithium-ions battery with about 250 to 300 watts motor to support the rider’s weight and provide high speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour, which prone the hover board to high frictional force causing heat. Lithium batteries have a highly flammable liquid in it that catches fire easily.  The previous versions of hover boards had no efficient cooling system. Under such extreme heat energy the electric system gets compromised. Too much heat may cause the insulating materials to melt out leading to a short circuiting and consequently the high energy lithium-ion battery splits off into flames. Short circuiting has almost been ranked as the sole cause of fire explosion in hover boards.

Many other defects can lead to short circuiting. Some hover boards are less water resistance as compared to the amount of stress and water contact it may experience while riding. Water entry into the interior of a hover board can only be catastrophic since water is a good conductor electricity, leading to a multiple short circuiting. Most of the hover boards had lowly engineered control system which would easily run out of control and probably crash. Numerous crash and kicks lead to transmission of mechanical injury to the interior which if the affected parts compose of live wire may lead to discharging of the battery. Discharging or even overcharging hover board’s battery pose a fire risk, this is because the electric regulators get worn out due to extreme electricity. Tear and wear of such important parts reduces their safeguarding capability such as the most used in hover boards the cut-off switch.

In cases of low safe guarding capabilities the hover board will malfunction due to a small increase in speed. Such malfunctions have a direct association with fire out breaks since the battery may now overcharge and burst while charging such as when left to charge overnight. Lack of a strong a body and general outfit has been an issue, this is because a poorly protected high voltage battery can easily be damaged by simple mechanical forces leading to sudden loss of voltage and explosion resulting into fire.

Poor engineering ranging from comfort to ease of controlling has also greatly contributed to fire accidents. Too ridged control system and less rider’s comfort lead to habitual accidents which have stress, wear and tear accumulation effect.  Such wear and tear can lead to permanent damage to crucial systems such as the balancing, speed moderators, braking system and other important communication centers. In such cases sudden and fatal breakdown may occur leading to entire motor system malfunction. Malfunction of a high voltage motor may explode during regeneration and repair of the hover board.

Essentially any force acting directly on the lithium battery may force the metals inside to puncture the extremely thin sheets of paper the separate the positive and negative charges and that will automatically lead to fire. Hover boards being new products in the market there are no well-placed safety standards and could not even pass the simple drop tests. For instance if each part of the hover board was tested separately the test results would not guarantee anything since they do not give conclusive information about the entire hover board as one. Because of the sudden great demand and consumer competition for the product there may be some companies crafting sub-standard hover boards which are highly susceptible to fire accidents.

Two brands have been cleared by the UL. These brands are Segway minipro and Segway Swagtron T1. The two have thanks to their engineers have proven safe for use.  The two brands did not show much sales at first actually while all the other hover boards were celebrating happy harvest during late 2015 and early 2016 their returns their returns were low. This is because they are a bit slower compared to most of the other brands on the streets and they are also quite expensive. The two have passed all the government and UL safety tests and so far not even a single case of fire accidents have been reported. The reason to this hard to achieve reputation lies in the great engineering and that sufficiently counter heat produced and they are very and are easy to control. With such qualities the hover board can keep off troubles which cause mechanical injuries. With the ease of use they have sufficiently been proven safe and are available for purchase on amazon. The brands are fully serviced sold with manufacturer charger and have over one year warranty.