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After too much fire out breaks and hover boards accidents caused by falls, most hover boards brands were spelt as unfit for use by the UL. As a result most stores selling this product removed them from their list. Some of the stores that have stopped selling hover boards are Amazon, Brick and Mortal retailers some of which sold the uncertified brands much from China. There are not so many store still selling hover board, the few stores existing are online stores. The lack of UL certification has greatly halted the hover board booming business.

Swegway store.

This stores sells their Swegway scooters such as the Swegway Swagtron, the Bluetooth devices. The stores offers free delivery services to UK, EU and USA only. Their products are delivered with a guarantee of all their accessories and shipment is done directly to office close to the customer ordering. Payment are paid on making the order and is inclusive of the carrier services, insurance and any other expenses that may be incurred. PayPal, bank transfer and credit card are some of the available modes of payments. This is good website to buy your scooter as it does not involve a third party player. This is the store that sells all the Swegway products. Hundreds of orders are made every day and their sales is on the rise.

This store provide 24 hours seven day a week customer services to their clients, among the available scooters in their stores include the Chrome Metallic Swegway-self balancing scooter and a stock clearance sale of Swegway Original scooter.


This is an online shop that seem to be clearing its stock. Most of its hover boards go for less than 250 USD. Free shipment and delivery is provided, they offer 100 USD cut off prize for every piece of hover board you purchase. Some of the hover boards sold include new red, gold, blue, black hover boards all selling at the lowest prize, a 6.5 inch refurbished and black hover board are available at an average prize. Unlike Swegway it does not sell specific brands since no real brand name have been indicated. They seem to be a third party seller and a lot worse could be selling the kind of hover board you don’t wish to own.

Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us who are big online stores are set to put self-balancing two wheel scooters on their physical stores. They will sell the approved scooters after the producers have finalized their activities. R Us only intend to sell scooters from Razor Company called Hovertrax whose prize is expected to be moderately high.


This largest online market, in the recent past it has stopped selling all of the hover boards brands in the stores. The most recent being the removal of the Swagway hover boards after an incidence of its brand was reported to start a fire while the gadget had been left to charge. Although many claim the gadget involved was a counterfeit of one of Swagway products. Despite withdrawing all hover boards from their website, there still exist some few which include golden hover board from Steijum Hovers called Hover Board Off Road Wheels selling a lower prize, a MistySkins vinyl skin protective decal and other decal brands. They seem to be clearing the stock since no new hover boards are on sale.

Choose wheels

Is an online store still selling hover boards they have advertised all the brands that have been cleared by UL. They have praised the steel Street Saw which is made by a USA company and is known to be the fastest hover boards. They also sell other well-known brands such as the SwagtronT1 and Skque hover board, Hovertrax, Leray Two Wheel and others. Much credibility is seen in this store as their products are well known have a great reputation, this can be a good place to find scooter that will suite you.

Street Saw store

The manufacture of the fasted hover boards has a store outlet at the Los Angeles. This outlet has been set up to increase customer producer contact. They provide education about how to take care your hover board, how to repair simple technicalities such as blinking red light and stuck footpad. They also repair broken hover board of all brands, and provide educative videos such as on how to easily diagnose a broken hover board.

Best buy stores

Mainly this store sells three wheels scooters but among them is a list of two wheel self-balancing scooters such as the Swagtron T1, Razor’s RipStick Casterboard and Swagtron T3. All selling at a high prize.