Segway Mini Pro Hoverboard Review

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Hover boards have been banned in many locales among them the New York City, United Kingdom and many airlines. Sighting reasons as the gadgets are the next cause of fire and are therefore electronic hazards to you as a riding pedestrian or to fellow road users. In many instances wrongly made hover boards have been reported to explode causing fire as they move too fast compared to the weight they are carrying and other technicalities.

In the year 2015 Christmas period hover boards were the bestselling gifts but nearly each and every brand was blamed for a fire out break and other accidents in airplanes and collages where they were commonly used. Is due to this reasons that the UL pronounced all of the brands unfit for use since they were extremely dangerous to be used. But this wrath never affected the slow selling and literally slow self-balancing scooter called Segway.

Segway Company have now made a newer version called Segway minipro self-balancing and barely only approved hover board by the UL to be used in the unrestricted places. UL is the world organization for testing and approving products it is better known as the underwriters laboratories. This scooter has a great combination of speed and safety which are the key characteristics of a good hover board. Unlike the older version it has a reduced handlebars that run up to the knee level. This handlebar fit the two knees hence allow the rider to control the scooter efficiently and support him or herself better. For this scooter controlling is achieved more easily, since in addition to controlling the scooter with your feet, leaning forward and backwards you can also lean the handlebar to achieve finer movements. It is thanks to this feature that you can make a 360 degree turn right at the same point.

Segway minipro has a great outfit, it has a strong and durable magnesium allow of an aircraft grade with a 10.5 air filled tires with a great military-grade stress and shock absorbing ability. The interior is made of a dual lithium battery driven motors capable of high speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour. The battery can ran the motors for 14 miles at its highest speed at any terrain. The scooter comfort is amazing with its padded knee handlebar and soft footpads which boost grip to the scooter.

The Segway minipro has high weight limits of 220 pounds and 260 pounds which translate to about 100kgs to 118kgs. It can move for a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour and beeps to indicate that you are riding at the fastest speed and automatically slows down by leaning backwards. Before approval the scooter was tested on the possibility of electricity short circuiting. It was determined that the scooter was water resistant. The scooter can with stand mechanical forces due to daily use and does not tear easily

Segway is controlled by Bluetooth run by an android application. Among its important functions of the application is to control the speed, can be used to turn the scooter and also monitor the power level of the scooter. This self-balancing scooter is very fun and almost every customer is praising it.

Despite all the greatness the scooter is very hyperactive in that even when left on a flat surface it can roll around the surface siting need for proper handling when not on use. The scooter is very sensitive and a bit technical to operate. For instance as long as the scooter is powered on the handlebar is active and should therefore not be used to steady yourself while getting on it, steading the steering bar will automatically flung you off. While getting on it you should place one foot on the stepping pad wait until it beep and then you place the other foot. This procedure is a bit technical and require much practice to move with its pace with would otherwise will topple you. The use of Bluetooth controller is almost impractical since it can only control the scooter up to a distance of 15 meters. Bluetooth controller application only start working 30 minutes after getting on the board.

Segway minipro is expensive with its prize at the high end compared to other hover boards available. This gadget has been described as too expensive to own and has been compared to the mini Mercedes toy. Questions have been raised on whether this is the only hover board certified by the UL. Most competitors have denied claims of its certification saying that they have fraudulently used fake UL number to purport of their approval.