Top 5 Best Hoverboards – Updated Dec 2017

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  • SwagTron T1Hoverboard UL Certified Check Price

  • This is a perfect, entry level, affordable hoverboard for beginners, with a UL 2272 certification and a UL 227221 certified Sentry Shield battery, the main priority is on safety. This board features a smooth ride via its stabilizing gear and motor system, non-slip footpads, and a new learning mode. Swagtron is a well-known hoverboard brand and here to stay.
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  • TomolooBluetooth Speaker & Led Light Check Price

  • This hoverboard has red led lights, it’s made with natural, rubber tires with unique lines, giving it excellent road-holding ability. It can travel over 9.3 miles after a full charge, has customizable LED lights, and even personalized controls that allow you to control the mode, switch, front and rear angles, steering sensitivity, and maximum speed limits. Bluetooth speakers & red lights are best features.
  • Swagtron T5Hoverboard UL Certified Check Price

  • This self-balancing scooter was designed with kids – and safety – at the forefront. This T5 deploys the same dramatic, gyroscopic technology that revolutionizes the way you travel, allowing you to stop and steer easily with your balance. Max speed: 7 mph, max weight: 187lbs. It can travel over 7 miles off a single charge, has battering indictors, and lets you access a learning mode for new riders.
  • EpikgoHoverboard UL Certified Check Price

  • This is the next generation of self-balancing board technology. Weighing in at about 40 pounds and comes with its 8.5-inch wheels, this hoverboard can tackle any terrain, or any obstacle that comes in its way. The EPIGKO is a UL 2272 Certified device, passing a 159-point safety test. Take this board over sand, snow, sleet, or sidewalk – it can handle it all.
  • Halo RoverHoverboard UL Certified Check Price

  • This hoverboard can zoom up to about 10 miles per hour on a single charge and travel over 10 miles. Weighs about 40 pounds and can hold users weighing up to 265 pounds. This board can climb hills with grades up to 20 degrees. It features headlights and compatibility with a smart phone app that allows users to monitor speed, distance traveled, and power.




The Swagtron T5 is almost the exact replica of the Swagtron T1 (a model we’ve already reviewed) with a key exception – it’s made specifically and designed especially for children! This model is slightly less expensive than the other models Swagtron makes, it features a chic design with cool features like LED headlights, and trendy looking wheels. Additionally, it’s available in both black and white colors. Another fun fact? The Swagtron T5 hoverboard is environmentally friendly! It gives off zero emissions and can help keep your neighborhood’s environment safer!
This board is specifically targeted to market toward children, unlike the other Swagtron models available in the hoverboard market. This hoverboard is light – weighing in at only 24 pounds – making it perfect for small children and young teens when compared to the other bulkier, and heavier, products. Additionally, this board claims to be perfect for little hands and little feet, handling riders starting at 40 pounds and only up to 187.4 pounds. This board is also a touch slower than its competitors, clocking in at only 8 miles per hours, creating a safe maximum speed for young, inexperienced riders. The T5 is powered by a 200-watt motor and has passed numerous stringent safety tests, making it UL 2272 certified as well. As far as rideability, this hoverboard model is as easy-to-use as the other products Swagtron makes, allowing it to be a useful toy for children!
The positives of this hoverboard far outweigh the negatives, but we definitely feel the need to mention some of the cons. It’s a cheaper price point, but does compromise on some top features like top speed, power, and battery life – all a bit lighter than its competitors, but also lighter than some of the other models made by the same company. Additionally, there’s no Bluetooth and the board cannot sync with the Swagtron app – both nice, additional features, but certainly not necessary for the quality of your ride. Lower speeds and lighter weight, and the inability to handle off-road terrain may seem like negatives, and surely, they might be for some, but on the positive side, these light features make this the perfect, safe toy for children. Even more than that, this hoverboard is less expensive, making it a great starter hoverboard, and you can’t beat its dedication to safety, passing many stringent tests to guarantee safety certification.
This board is significantly cheaper than many of the other models that are comparable and available to you. It’s important to remember that while this board is an excellent value, it does sacrifice some of the features you might want. Its cost is fair and priced accordingly with both the features that it includes and with the features it lacks. While you’re sacrificing off-road abilities and added, extra features like Bluetooth and app syncing, you’re purchasing, essentially, a starter board, or a child’s toy made specifically for young adults. It does, however, include gyroscopic technology, making it an agile machine that uses dynamic equilibrium for excellent steering and maneuvering.

Overall, online reviewers are relatively positive about the Swagtron T5. People love the lightness and the agility of the board, and they enjoy that it’s well-designed despite its no-frills approach to hoverboards. There were some complaints listed about the lightness of the board, claiming it’s not as indestructible as it’s heavy-duty, off-road counterparts, but that’s to be expected for the weight and heft of this board. People were also pleased with the ease and rideability of this model, stating that the learning modes and speed restrictions were a wonderful way to practice before diving into the standard mode. Many parents are fans of this machine as well. Not only is it a safe option for their children, it’s a less-abrasive, slower model, topping out at only 7 miles per hour and virtually unusable on packed snow, dirt, mud, or broken pavement. Most commonly, people were thrilled with this as a present for their young children who were eager to jump on the hoverboard bandwagon.
In conclusion, we applaud the efforts of Swagtron for making a model that appeals to both parents and children. The safety features of this model are unmatched while the design and entertainment factors are still top-notch for children. While there are some complaints about being unable to take this hoverboard off-road, it’s the perfect starter model for people who are looking to learn how to use self-balancing scooters, and an excellent gift for children looking to enjoy the hoverboard movement! Check Price on




The Epikgo board is a one-of-a-kind, specially designed board that’s got a lot of heart, and a lot of heft –especially if you’re planning to take your board off-roading. This board is UL-2272 certified, and is built with two, durable alloy wheels and a tough body. Those 8.5-inch extra-large wheels are built to take you, the rider, anywhere you want to go. From grass, to mud, to cracked pavement, to sand, you and your Epikgo can get there. Claiming to have unmatched torque and acceleration, this sleek, tech-y designed board has an 18-degree climbing max and can travel up to 10+ miles.
This Epikgo board is built with futuristic design in mind, but it’s engineers had a few other ideas on the brain, too. Ease of use is a big deal for the Epikgo hoverboard, as well as safety. In fact, the company claims that safety is the biggest concern of all. This board has undergone over 159 tests regarding safety regulations, from ease of use to potential fire hazards, this board has aced the exam. The design of the product speaks towards it ease of use, as well. For example, the solid rubber tire is built for all-purpose terrain. You won’t need to worry about hitting a crack in the pavement, a rock on the sidewalk, or a patch of loose sand, and flying off your board – this hoverboard is the master of all terrain, making it a safe, easy-to-use choice no matter where you decide to ride it.
No creation is safe from the unavoidable pro and con list, and the Epikgo Hoverboard is no exception. This hefty hoverboard is a fun, exciting, and entertaining off-road behemoth you can ride just about anywhere, so it’s durability and terrain-mastering features are certainly positives. Additionally, it’s a got a great battery life, making it the perfect choice for all day play or for miles of fun. Lastly, the customer support for this product is phenomenal, adding to the extensive list of positive features. The only negative we can truly attest to for this hoverboard is its heaviness. Because of the tough, durable, and off-road-centric, design, the board is big and clunky. This is great for terrain, but not terribly functional for agility, making it less nimble when it comes to handling turns and quick accelerations.
The price of the Epikgo doesn’t jump out substantially in either direction – it’s not a huge cost, but it’s also not hugely discounted, either. While it has many qualities that more expensive models have –great terrain-control, ease-of-use-, customizable features, etc. – it’s not necessarily the best value in all situations. Still moderately priced, this board may not be the best choice for you if you plan to use your hoverboard only in paved, smooth-terrain areas. Overall, it’s designed to be an all-terrain mode of transportation, and it’s priced for that as well. Essentially, it can be compared to models that are a few hundred dollars less if it’s being used for pavement riding. Think about how you’ll be using the board, where you’ll be using it, and what you’ll be using it for when considering if this is the right board for you!
Overall, the online verdict on the Epikgo board is generally positive. Most often, people lauded the long battery life the hoverboard – often lasting nearly 2 hours of consistent run-time after 2 hours of charging. Additionally, online reviews of this board applaud the all-terrain characteristics of the board, claiming that its design is perfect for off-roading! People do comment on the heaviness of the board, and warn against buying it if you don’t plan on using it for off-roading, stating that other, cheaper boards would be better used on concrete. But the most popular online comments talk about how safe and fun this hoverboard is, despite its sturdy, yet heavy design. Overall, people chose this board over other, similarly designed boards because of its design and commitment to safety.
In conclusion, the Epikgo is a great balance for outdoor, all-terrain capabilities as well as a fun, entertaining activity. It does a wonderful job of doing what its’ designed to do – handling rough roads and bumpy terrain. Additionally, it’s equipped with a battery than can handle miles and miles of adventures, and is easy to use! That, coupled with the great customer service and a strict safety -guidelines, makes this a solid choice for a hoverboard. Overall, we think this board is an excellent choice for your hoverboard purchase. Check Price on




The Official Halo Rover Hoverboard is one of the latest and greatest pieces of technology in the hoverboard market. Described as an indestructible hoverboard, this hoverboard takes you gliding into the future. It’s UL 2272 Safety Certified, with each hoverboard including a hologram certificate. Some of this hoverboard’s key features is the exclusive halo technology with sensors that provide the smoothest ride possible, Bluetooth, and a mobile app. With these features, you can blast music to your hoverboard from your phone and customize your riding style! More than that, these hoverboards are all-terrain – you can ride anywhere. Street, mud, sand, snow—you name it, you can ride on it!
The Official Halo Rover Board is an easy-to-use mode of transport geared toward people of all ages who are interested in trying out the hoverboard! The engineers who designed the hoverboard had ease-of-use in mind, they even developed special characteristics to help those who are learning. With it’s indestructible, non-flat 8.5 in tires, you’re able to take the hoverboard anywhere – indoors or outdoors, on the street or in the sand. It’s sturdy yet flexibly aluminum frame makes it practically indestructible as well. More than that, though, the Halo Rover Hoverboard comes with certain riding modes that allow you to adjust your style. Want to take it easy and get the basics done? You can ride on learning mode! Are you pretty confident in your hoverboard abilities? Take it out for a spin on the normal. You can even choose from advanced settings if you’re a hoverboard-extraordinaire!
Of course, with every device created, a laundry list of both pros and cons is to be expected, and the Halo Rover Board is no exception. Most often, people were impressed with many features the board had to offer. For example, the board has an excellent battery life, outlasting many of its competitors by hours. Additionally, it provides a fun ride, and due to its durability and indestructible design, it handles all kinds of terrain – from packed dirt and snow to bumpy roads and cracked pavement. However, there were some common complaints. The board is definitely durable, but because of its design, it’s relatively heavy, making it difficult for some consumers to use. Additionally, it has been noted that the learning curve is rather slow on this board design. Another point for the cons side: it’s quite expensive. The Halo Rover Board comes in at a few hundred more dollars than other hover boards that claim to have similar features. The rover can also be an expensive fix if you do end up having issue with it.
As far as price goes, it tends to vary based off the site, store, or establishment you plan to buy from. With this list of pros and cons in mind, it’s prudent to note that this durable, indestructible, and apparently costly hover board can come in at a few hundred dollars more than competitors — often competitors who claim to have the same features as the halo board.
Other reviewers on the internet seem to have positive things to say about the Halo Rover Hoverboard. In fact, most users were most impressed with the look and design of the Halo Rover board, calling it “futuristic.” Additionally, many applauded the program in place that allows them to adjust the ease of the ride, stating they bought them for their children, who had no problem learning how to use them. Many consumers who bought the product were also wildly impressed with the Bluetooth music, stating that while it does eat up some of the battery life, riding around on the Halo Rover Hoverboard blasting their own, custom music did make the riding experience more exciting!
In summary, the Halo Rover Hoverboard is a technologically-advanced piece of equipment that does exactly what it says it will do – provide you with a durable, tough, fun, and easy-to-use hoverboard that can be given to anyone! Though the frame, and overall unit design can be a bit too heavy for some people to enjoy, the overwhelming consensus on the product is that despite its weight, the hoverboard is still a well-designed machine that does its job. Additionally, with fun features like Bluetooth music, adjustable ride settings, and hook-up to a custom app, the Halo Rover Hoverboard is a quality purchase. We do advise, however, taking a look at the price where you plan to buy and comparing it to other models who claim to have the same features, as it can be a bit pricier than other hoverboards. Check Price on




This beautifully-designed, sleek hoverboard was one of the first UL 2272 Certified Hoverboards available on the market, and one of the first to be available online to meet all the ULStandard’s Requirements. This solid, well-built, and sleek-looking hoverboard is designed to be versatile. Packed with power, and accurate gyroscopes that pick up every nuance of movement, this board is lauded for being one of the most responsive, agile boards on the market. With its staggering safety features, a lithium-ion battery for longer and safer charging, this board is said to be one of the most reliable hoverboards available to you! You and your friends can cruise with swag, speeding along the roadways going up to 8 miles per hour and up to 11 miles in range. Your Swagtron will include LED headlights, battery indicators, Sentry Shield Smart Battery, and a 250-watt motor with gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction.
When the engineers were designing this product, they had more in mind than just a swaggy design, instead, they were focusing their swag on the most crucial factor –the safety. This hoverboard was the first to be UL 2272 certified, and more than that, it’s designed with dozens of tests in mind. Vibration tests, shock tests, drop test, crash test, strain relief tests, motor overload tests, temperature tests – you think it, you name it, and this hoverboard has been tested for it. Overall, we consider this attention to detail in design for safety a factor of high quality, allowing us to rank this hoverboard’s safety as one of the highest quality designs on the market.
In fact, the safety measures the company provided are one of the biggest pros on our pro and con list for the Swagtron T1, mostly due to its sentry shield feature and fire proof outer covers. Additionally, it’s a durable, agile piece of machinery, allowing up to 8 miles per hour at its top speed with a range of 12 miles on a single charge. It’s built with a durable body, and can climb surface angles up to 30 degrees. Additionally, it’s self-balancing and features motor and gear stabilization for a comfortable ride for people up to 220 lbs. The non-slip footpads are a big plus, as are the fun, available colors the hoverboard comes in. The biggest negative we found in this designed was the fireproof plastic that’s featured on the hoverboard. Because this plastic is weak, it’s easily cracked, and we have to recommend buying a bumper guard to protect against damage.
This compact, light-weight, and agile piece of machinery is easy-to-ride, is packed with safety features, and is fairly simple to learn. In fact, most riders can pick it up and become skilled hoverboard riders in under a half-hour. With the modified design, it’s a stylish piece of technology as well. It’s not the most upscale Hoverboard, and certainly not the highest-priced hoverboard either. In a ballpark range, you can typically purchase one of these hoverboards in the low hundreds, depending on where you plan to buy the board. For a hoverboard that’s a few hundred dollars lower than the previous choices we’ve reviewed, it’s important to note that some of the more expensive models are priced according to off-terrain ability. While the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is a safe, fun, and reliable model, it’s not as durable in an off-road setting as a few of the other, higher-priced models.
The online world is buzzing about the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard, stating most often, that it’s most positive feature is its dedication to safety regulation. Additionally, consumers were thrilled with the durability and reliability of the design, as well as the smoothness of the ride provided by the hoverboard. The only common complaint about this hoverboard was its inefficiency in off-road riding.
In conclusion, we think the Swagtron T1 Hoverboard is an affordable, fun, durable, and very reliable option for people who are interested in purchasing, owning, or gifting a hoverboard. We can’t help but applaud the company for its dedication to safety and certification when designing the board, and by all reviews we’ve seen and noticed, it’s a durable option for people who plan to ride the hoverboard in commercial areas, on smooth, paved streets, or even indoors. Listed cheaper than other models, it’s important to remember that this hoverboard is not specifically designed as an off-road product, and should not be compared to models that specialize in riding through packed sand, snow, cracked pavement, or up steep inclines. Check Price on




Crafted in 2013, the Tomoloo hoverboard self-balancing scooter emerged late in the hoverboard game in attempts to squelch the self-balance board competition. A single 300 wat motor powers this relatively inexpensive model, and accesses the wheels via a dual motherboard that helps to balance the engine power between wheel and stability. Overall, this hoverboard is built and designed more like a child’s toy, though, it does contain a lithium ion battery (with a 2 to 3 -hour charge time) and a stable, comfortable ride.
This particular hoverboard is very obviously marketed toward children between the ages of 10 and 15. It’s designed to be lighter weight, more agile, and unable to speed as fast as many of the other hoverboards on the market. Additionally, while it claims to hold up to 264 pounds, heavier weights affect the performance, slowing down the board. It’s clear that the main audience the company is targeting with the Tomoloo is children who want a smooth, comfortable ride. Luckily, it’s easy-to-use. It has three different speeds that the rider controls via an app on their mobile device. More comfortable cruising around at a slow speed? No problem, set your device to slow. If you’re a speed demon, you can switch it over to the high-speed setting to scoot around at up to 10 miles per hour. Normal setting is available for those who want a regular, comfortable ride.
Like many of the other hoverboard models, the Tomoloo hoverboard self-balancing scooter has an extensive list of both pros and cons. On the positive side, this board us UL 2272 Certified, approved by the CPSC and guaranteed for quality and safety. Additionally, it has a unique design, with a light, agile frame that’s easy for most children to use. It’s also a reliable model, charging faithfully and working for hours – and miles – throughout the day. Additionally, it’s available in a variety of colors – blue, green, gold, red – you can have it all! You can even get a Tomoloo hoverboard with LED headlights that are personalized through the app. The Bluetooth speakers that are built in don’t hurt its cause, either. There are always negatives to add to the list though, depending on what you plan to use the hoverboard for. The light, agile design of the board is great for zipping around pavement and smooth surfaces, but this board is not recommended for off-road riding. Additionally, this model, though an interesting and unique design, is said to be prone to damage and breakage, unlike many of its competitors that claim to be indestructible.
The Tomoloo hoverboard is lauded for being an inexpensive option when compared to many of the other hoverboards on the market. Listed at several hundred dollars cheaper than many of the off-road or heftier hoverboards, it’s truly an affordable option. That being said, you’ll be getting what you pay for. This hoverboard is not meant for packed sand, snow, or off-road terrain, instead, it’s useful only for smoothed pathways, indoors, and non-damaged pavement. For the price, it’s reliable. Though it doesn’t claim to be indestructible, it does offer you superior performance, safe travel, and a unique, customizable look.
The Tomoloo Hoverboard self-balancing scooter has the internet buzzing. Overall, the reviews have been generally positive. Many people are thrilled with the price of the board, commenting that they didn’t expect it to be so well-made at such a reasonable price. The general complaints are few and far between, often only relating to the fragility and lightness of the hoverboard. Additionally, some people claim it’s only a child’s toy and doesn’t do the off-road, or heavy-duty distance that they expected a hoverboard to do. Some people have even reviewed that it vibrates and hums loudly when its’ on the slow setting. Lastly, the fragility of the design seems to be a widespread problem, with many people complaining about how easily-scratched the model is.
Overall, we think that the Tomoloo Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter is a great piece of machinery for what it is – a toy that’s made and targeted toward children and young adults. It’s a cool, customizable model, available with Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and several assorted colors. Additionally, it’s safe and certified, stable, well-made, performs well, and it’s more than reasonably priced when compared with its competitors. Though there are some complaints – fragility, easily scratched, rider modes being problematic, and too much vibration – it’s overall, a great choice for your child, offering them hours of fun and offering you plenty of value for your money! Check Price on