Top 5 Hoverboards


  • Powerboard


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    Pros: US based company, providing helpline based in US. Top speed of 8 mph and battery can last 6 hours. Provides 1 year full warranty.

    Cons: Some customer complaints about receiving defective products. Which might be resolved by customer service and returning the item.

    Summary: Comes with a warranty and very unique silver glowing colors.

  • Swagway X1


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    Pros: One year warranty if you register online. US brand. Swagway X1 tops the list in every category.  Swagway X1 can reach up to 10mph speed & battery charge lasts for 20 miles. FREE shipping. Pretty high quality hoverboard.

    Cons: It isn’t scratch resistant as other models, edges can get scratched easily. Using with caution can solve this problem.

    Summary: Swagway X1 is our top choice considering brand authority, US brand, warranty & FREE shipping.

  • CoolReall


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    Pros: Coolreall is a really cool brand as the name says it all. Shipping from US on time for Christmas. High rated battery, premium material. Gift wrap option available. Color options: Black, blue, red and white. Highest speed 12km/h & can climb up to 15 degrees.FREE two day shipping.

    Cons: Some customer complaints about mixed up orders.

    Summary: Very good brand, ships from US, high rated battery power.

  • Leray

    leray hoverboard

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    Pros: Also ships from US. Sold by Leray group. Powerful quiet motor, LG 18650 battery providing reliable high performance and safety.

    Cons: Few customers complained about wheel screws loosening after repeated use.

    Summary: Overall good choice, US shipping & good battery life.

  • Galaxyboard


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    Pros: So many options to chose from, variety of models. Easy to use.

    Cons: Some shipping delays reported.

    Summary: If you are looking for a lower end hoverboard, this might be your best bet.