Swagway Swagtron T1 Hoverboard Review

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The previously known Swagway scooter has been improved to the new version called Swagtron. This new and awesome gadget features the Swagtron SentryShield scooter that has been improved to take you all the way to assured safety. This has only been made possible through a great combination of highly reliable software and a highly able exterior body. The two improvements have been tested for safety and approved for customers use with less technicalities.

Among the most prominent features of this scooter is the very soft non-slip footpads. The footpads always provide maximum feet balance which helps in improving controlling capability of the rider. The scooter has multilayered battery to give its customers assurance of no fire outbreak because of short circuiting. In the past years most scooters had been reported to have exploded. The gadgets suffered such explosions because the heat they produced melts the wiring insulations. Also the cheap scooters had a low weight body but unable to withstand much stress. Such stresses are caused by rough terrain or kicks leading to breakages which could easily lead to fire explosions.

The Swagtron has gentle and very anti-hyperactive motor system thanks to the software-hardware combination. Its gentle character is responsible for easy stabilizing and smoother movements gear system and the scooter at large. A new stabilizing technique of leaning back while speeding helps stabilize the scooter more efficiently.

The product has been engineered to last for persistently long. The user does not need to be so experienced to handle Swagtron with no damage if used right. The scoter has a light weight of about 10 kilograms and a very brilliant battery system. This system manages the battery capacity and speed, it give you rate of consumption therefore you can easily tell when the scooter will require a recharge.

The scooter exterior is uniquely made it has Aluminum rims with rubber air filled tires capable of absorbing high amounts of shock and stress. It has an amazing shape and size. The scooter batteries are the top quality lithium battery with multilayer protection. Its engineers have successfully brought forwards a zero degree turning radius, it can climb up a mountain. The scooter can move up an inclined lane at an angle of up to 30 degrees. The scooter has a high speed of up to about 13 kilometers per hour.

The maximum weight is slightly above 100 kilograms and a minimum weight limit of 20 kilograms which caters for all skaters. Despite the high speed and high weight limits the scooter is self-efficient with high power of up to 220 volts it can move for 12 miles at its top speed. It is simpler and a lot easier to control the Swagtron with its leaning back mode which easily stabilizes it to lowers speeds.

The scooter has also passed all government regulations and proven safe for use. Swagtron has passed almost any test in the UL list among them is overcharge, short circuit, over discharge, dielectric voltage, vibration and shock and crash tests among many others. At the end the scooter was proven to be water resistant, high resistant to extreme heat changes and highly resistant to mechanical damage. This are the key features of a safe scooter it first out eliminates the chances of electric short circuiting and an assurance of very minimal chances of fire explosion. It has also a strong and reliable firm body that has also passed the overweight test.

The Swagtron scooter unlike other fast speed scoters is not expensive it has a moderately average prize. It comes with its own adapter for charging and user’s manual. Charging the scooter only takes one hour and the lithium batteries have a very low discharging possibility hence highly reliable. The scooter is fitted with a 300 watt two electric motors. The SentrySheild battery are patented thereby providing the best quality possible. It has headlights which essentially means that you can skate in the dark effectively. Its battery runs for up to three hour of continuous use and a minimum time of two hour regardless of the power usage. It is because of this properties that the scooter has overtaken many other brands and is now nearly taking over the hover board market.

The scooter is short of an amazing shock absorbers which reduce its ability to handle very rough terrain. The scooter does not have steering bar thereby you only depend on its leaning mode to sufficiently control it. The leaning mode may at times be impractical especially for new learners. It does not have remote controllers or Bluetooth technology.